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Industrial Units

Ampress Park, Lymington

The industrial building designed for Plot G3 on Ampress Business Park has a total floor area of 960m².  The site is located within the Flood Zones 2 & 3 along the Lymington River and hence it was necessary to lift the whole building off the ground to allow flood water to run underneath the building to make the scheme viable in terms of flood water alleviation.  The proposals also included excavation of nearby Plot G1, also in the Client's ownership, for flood water storage and this land was designed to serve as a car park.  The floor slab in this building is raised on average of 1m above the existing ground level by employing extended portal frames and positioning the floor structure on an array of steel columns fixed to concrete pads set in the ground.  The design of the building allows for a degree of flexibility, as it can be let as a single unit or up to 4 separate smaller units, all of which can have a mezzanine floor covering a part of the ground floor area.   


Industrial Units




2014 - 2015

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