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Various Retirement & Assisted Living Projects

The practice has designed several Retirement and Assisted Living housing schemes since its foundation in 2009.  In this particular sector, the practice can draw on the Director's former experience in this housing typology, having worked as a Senior Architect and later as a Design Manager for McCarthy & Stone Retirement Living Plc.  Most of these projects have been carried out for McCarthy & Stone and have generally been taken up to Planning Stage at which 100% success rate has been achieved, mainly at local planning level.  The practice has also carried out a couple of Retirement Living projects for Churchill Retirement Living in cooperation with RiB Architecture.


Retirement Sector


Various Locations


2009 - onwards

Assisted Living Plus - Development
Bournemouth Assisted Living Plus

This proposed 73 apartment Assisted Living Plus scheme for McCarthy & Stone, located on Boscombe seafront in Bournemouth, was planned to be developed simultaneously with two adjacent sites, each proposing an Art Deco style hotel.  Due to the relatively small site area, a part of the car parking facility was located in the basement underneath the main wing of the building.  The positioning of the building on site, as well as its massing and internal layout arrangements optimized seaward views from the building.  The Assisted Living Plus concept is aimed at the more frail elderly clientele and offers more extensive communal facilities including a visiting doctor's surgery.  Since the building footprint occupied a large part of the site, additional outdoor communal spaces were provided on four separate roof decks.

Wellington Retirement Living

Planning consent was obtained for this 42 apartment Retirement Living project in 2013, which involved the reversal of the local planning policy in favour of the scheme.  This development is located on a site of the former Wellington Medical Centre and is located adjacent to Wellington Town Centre and the Wellington School.  The building reflects certain characteristics found in the vicinity of the site and introduces some visual interest to this part of the town, as well as responding to existing smaller scale residential development to the west of the site.

Retirement Development, Wellington
Retirement Developmen, Southampton
Portswood Retirement Living

This 52 apartment scheme designed for Churchill Retirement Living in collaboration with RiB Architecture is located in the Portswood area of Southampton, on a parcel of land previously occupied by the former transportation depot, and is also located next to the recently developed Sainsbury's superstore. The building responds to complex and varying adjacent context ranging from the superstore at the upper end of St Denis Road, whilst also presenting a perceived domestic scale towards the residential character of Belmont Road.  To achieve this, the scale of this four storey building is reduced visually by introducing setback elements to the top level, further supported by domestic scale articulation of the main facades and introduction of tower elements to the two prominent corners of the building.  Material treatments bear references to the neighbouring vernacular, creating local distinctiveness.

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