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Atrium Learning


Resource Centre

Forming the centrepiece of the School's Development Plan, the Atrium Centre is located within the heart of the School grounds replacing accommodation, which has evolved organically, but perhaps not logically, over the past 50 years.  Designed to be constructed in 3 phases, the Centre will include new Resource Centre / Library, Design Department, Learning Support facility as well as a Hospitality Faculty and an array of classrooms of various sizes.  The building's alternative function is to serve as a conference facility during school holidays.  Adaptability has been incorporated into the design to take care of this requirement, which includes two lecture theatres and a bridge link to a proposed boarding house serving also as accommodation for conference guests.  The building has been given the appearance of a large pavilion as its main outlook is towards the School's main playing fields with a Cricket Pavilion opposite in the distance.


Education Sector





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