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Cricket Nets

The proposed cricket nets & practice pitch replace previous cricket practice facility which was damaged by storms some years ago.  The use of nets is a vital facility for developing pupil's cricket skills, confidence and ultimately enhancing their enjoyment of the game.  The proposed installation is for high specification nets and all-weather surface designed for maximum performance to enable pupils to practice consistency and variety in both batting and bowling.  As to the location of the nets, the Client's main criteria was to have the nets located within sight of the main cricket pitch as this would make the coach's supervision of the practice pitch much easier.  The School grounds are located within a "Capability Brown" landscape which is a Grade II* listed Historic Park, which also falls within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; therefore, consultation with local planning & conservation authorities as well as Historic England commenced at an early stage in the project.  Four potential locations for the nets were put forward and assessed in terms of their operational suitability and their impact on the conservation & heritage context.  A three dimensional contextual computer model was prepared of the school grounds and a set of relevant views was generated for each of the four locations.  It was felt that the location behind the existing Cricket Pavilion nearest to the track running along the western site boundary was the most preferable one, as it was considered to cause the least impact on the heritage asset whilst being close enough to the cricket pitch to provide an acceptable scenario for coaching.


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